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Competition time! Best Bad Guy (or Gal!)

what is it that makes a great Bad Guy? Apparently when George Lucas was casting for Star Wars (the first one) he told David Prowse he had a choice between playing Chewbacca or Darth Vader. Prowse, not wanting to spend the hotest summer of all tiume (this was 1976) in a monkey suit opted for Vader. Lucas said 'Congratulations. You're playing a character no one will ever forget.' And he was right.

Obviously dressing in black helps. Think of Dracula, ninjas in general, Evil Roy Slade. Black is the colour of choice for those with galaxy ruling ambitions. Also, being foreign, especially English, also adds to the bad guy cred. Hannibal Lecter, anyone? Granted, Hopkins is actually Welsh, but I think I've made my point. I feel quietly proud that when the US wants a top quality baddy, they find them here. What's even more interesting is when an American plays a baddy, the often give them a British accent, for no reason at all! Look at the Die Hard movies (first 3 anyway, never saw the fourth). Two Brits playing Germans and with Die Hard 2 with treacherous marines, the leader was played by a Canadian, playing an American. Weirdy weird.

So, you were wondering about the competition, weren't you? Simple and simple can be, mes amis! Tell me about you favourite BAD GUY, or GAL, (we'll have no sexism on this blog I can tell you that right now). Not just the name and 'because they're cool' but their qualifications. What makes them madder and badder than the rest! A pile of goodies (signed book, artwork, and a few other bits and pieces) for the best one!

Closing date end of the month (that seems fair) and, for now, only UK residents. Don't worry, the rest of the world can join in later!


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